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    Intrax has been a great place for me to meet students from all over the world...

  2. Intrax has been a great place for me to meet students from all over the world...

    I chose to come to Intrax San Diego because of its reputation for having great teachers, fun activities, and for its reasonable price. I had searched the internet and found Intrax to be the best school for the price and it is in a great location—sunny San Diego. I also have friends who have gone to Intrax in the past and they also recommended that I come to Intrax too.


    I have really enjoyed my time at Intrax San Diego, and love its location near to downtown. It has great beaches, good nightlife, and it is close to so many activities and museums in beautiful Balboa Park. I also like that it is close to Los Angeles so I can make trips to the amusement parks and all that L.A. has to offer too. I prefer living in San Diego to Los Angeles, though, because San Diego has more of a community feeling than Los Angeles since L.A. is so huge.



    Intrax has been a great place for me to meet students from all over the world. I especially feel close to the students in my TOEFL preparation class because to me, we are like a family. When we are not preparing for the TOEFL test, we talk about our lives, our home countries, and our futures and I really enjoy this time. My TOEFL teacher is also fantastic—she works very hard to help us learn and have fun too. She helps facilitate conversations and discussions and she also has games to play that help us to perform better on the exam.


    My biggest goal while at Intrax has been to improve my TOEFL score so I can eventually apply to a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program here in the United States. I know that this is a difficult program to get in to, but I am certain that I will significantly raise my TOEFL score after completing the TOEFL preparation class at Intrax.



    For new students who are coming to Intrax, the advice I can give is talk to everyone. Get to know the other students, the teachers and the staff. This is the best way to practice your English and to have a great time here. For me, it has been a great experience, and I definitely recommend Intrax San Diego for prospective students.


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